COVID-19 Lockdown Advice For The UK Employers And Employees

The world is undergoing the biggest crisis of the recent time, “The Covid-19 Pandemic”. Already the pandemic has outbroken in every corner of the globe. Many countries had to impose a lockdown to lessen the spread of the virus, so is in the UK. Regular life has become standstill for a while. Businesses and offices remain shut down totally or partially. This unexpected shutdown has already caused a significant loss to the national economy, and the streak is ongoing. But, we can’t let this situation sustain too long. Businesses can no longer be suspended to control the stress on the economy. 

That’s why many countries are relaxing the condition of lockdown so that businesses and the manufacturing sector can start running again. Besides, many companies have taken remote working policy and allowed their employees to work from home. Staying safe is the first priority, and then the other things come. However, Lives and livelihoods both are necessary, and that’s why you need to resume your work. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, in this article i will give you advice for employers & employees and you’ll have some valuable advice and tips to get back your work safely and efficiently.

Advice for employers

Every employer has a statutory obligation to safeguard the health and well being of employees. So, before reopening the businesses of offices, employers should ensure a safe working environment by taking all the safety measures. Here is some advice for employers that would be fruitful in this case. 

Encourage work from home

The best solution to stay safe from COVID-19 is staying home. So, if you are an employer and there is an option to perform the office duties from home, encourage your employees to work from home. Take proper remote monitoring to ensure the productivity and performance of your employees. 

Conduct a risk assessment before reopening

Since the government is allowing some businesses to reopen their offices and workplaces, you may be one of them. However, you should conduct a detailed risk assessment before reopening your business. Identify the possible risks and safety gaps, then take the necessary steps and cover those gaps to avoid any safety threat. 

Prepare a safety plan 

As an employer, it’s your legal and moral duty to ensure the safety of your employees. So prepare the safety plan before calling them back to the office. Include every aspect of safety in the plan, such as workplace disinfection, maintaining social distance at the workplace, sick leave policy etc. Reducing the office hours and segmentation of the duty times are two good practices you can consider for this.

advice for the employees

Advice for employees

If you work from home, there is a question of productivity, and if you need to work from the office, there is a question of safety. So, either you’re working from home or your office, you have to ensure both of these two. In this article, you’ll learn the things that will help you to stay productive and safe. 


working from home

If you’re working from home

Being efficient and productive while working from home is challenging. You have so many distractions at home, which reduce your productivity. Follow the simple tips to stay productive at work from home. 

Set up a permanent work station

The first thing to consider while working from home is setting up a permanent work station. The environment has an immense impact on your productivity. You can work from anywhere at your home, even sitting on your bed or the couch. But it would not give you a feel of working and hamper your productivity. A permanent workstation gives you the feeling like working from your office. It enhances your zeal of work. So, set up a workstation. Make it comfy and simple, just have a comfortable chair and a desk to place your laptop.

Work in your office hours

You have the option to work at your time from home. But it would be better to work in your office hours. It will create a sense of urgency and accountability and boost up your productivity. 

Schedule your day first

Before starting your day, schedule your tasks first. Put relevant deadlines on your tasks and strive to beat the deadlines. It is necessary to keep track of your duties and enhance your productivity. Since there is no one to monitor you at home, it can create a sense of less accountability and affect your work speed subconsciously. So, deadlines are required to overcome this barrier. 

Take time away from work

Men aren’t machines. They need an adequate break from work. So, you should take regular breaks even if you’re working from home. You can take multiple short breaks instead of a long one. We can’t keep our concentration for a long time. So, we need space to divert our mind and recharge our brain cells. That’s why you need to make movements in your break times and give some rest to your eyes. It will recharge you and boost up your lost energy to work productively and efficiently. 

Keep yourself motivated 

Many people need something motivating while working. It shakes their minds and increases the zeal for work. Since you’re working from home, you don’t have to bother if you’re disturbing your colleagues. So, do the thing that keeps you motivated and makes you charged up. 

Keep aside all distractions

Working from home means you have to fight against a lot of distractions. So, try to keep aside those things which can break your concentration from your workstation. 

Collaborate with colleagues

In this era of information and technological advancement, it’s not tough to collaborate with your colleagues while you’re working remotely. There are plenty of online solutions to connect with your colleagues and create an office in your bedroom. Use these for your better productivity. 

working from office

If you’re working from the office

Working from home isn’t the solution to all kinds of work. Some work needs the physical presence of you, and you have to work from your workplace. However, staying safe is more important than anything, and you shouldn’t compromise with that. So, here are some tips to follow that can keep you safe. 

Maintain social distance while travelling

You have to travel to reach your workplace and get back home. This is the most vulnerable time for you. So, you should take the highest safety measure while travelling. Always keep social distance with others. If possible, avoid public transport. A bicycle can be a good option for now. Never forget to put a mask on your face when you go out. 

Disinfect your desk

Coronavirus stays active for a long time on surfaces. So, before sitting on your desk, disinfect it with alcohol-based disinfectant. Even do it on your computer, keyboard, mouse and anything that you touch frequently. 

Keep distance from your colleagues at the workplace

You aren’t entirely safe even if you’re at your office. There’s a chance to spread the virus from your colleagues. So, you should keep a reasonable distance from your colleagues. Try to keep at least 6 feet gap between each desk as health experts suggested. 

Report fast if you feel unwell 

It’s not unnatural to feel unwell. You should report it fast whenever you feel something wrong with your body state and ask for leave or medical support. If you feel sick at home, don’t bother going office. Report to your manager and explain your condition and take rest at home. 

Apart from these, either you’re working from home or your office, it’s essential to stay fit and keep your immune system strong. Because your immune system is the only thing that can fight against COVID-19, so follow these tips at home out of your working hours. 

Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. Keep fresh fruits in your diet

Do simple workouts to keep your fitness well.

Keep aside all anxieties and stresses. Enjoy movies with your family to stay mindful.

Vitamin D is vital for immunity. So, have mild sunlight daily if possible. No need to go to a park. You can have it from your premises.

Get adequate sleep.

And last but not least, don’t panic. This uncertain time will finish soon, and everything will be normal again. Till then, stay safe and stay relaxed.

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