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- Have multiple formats for all of your needs

- Can be free to use or pay as you go

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What can Direct Mail do for you?


Find new customers and build a base that grows.


Turn ideas into action


Gain a loyal group of customers that stays with you


Build effective working relationships with supportive customers

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Self Mailers, Newsletters, Business Reply, Large letters

* All prices include print & UK post but ex. VAT

** You must adhere to Royal Mail advertising rules

Benefits from our Direct Mail Platform

Full and Complete Management

If you are an E-learning provider and looking for a complete package, we are your go-to guy! We’ll provide you with the total package tailored to meet all of your business needs. You won’t have to get in touch with third-parties or multiple contacts, as we’ll take care of ALL of the details for you, so that you can be sure that nothing has be left to chance or missed out.

Fast and Secure Delivery

There’s no need to worry about delays in the mail or losses in the post. We use only premium postage options and ensure that our tracking system never misses a letter. You can be sure that your direct mail will reach the people you value in good condition and without time wasted.

Postcode Search

It only takes a couple of clicks to access our free “Radius Search” that will allow you to select any area you want, right down to the street. Create groups of potential customers with ease and accuracy.

Data Protection

Worried that the UK-GDPR (General Data Protect Regulation) will inhibit your mailing reach? Not a problem! With our guidance, all mailing strategies will be legal and legitimate.

Ease of Interaction

Limited experience with programming or coding or lacking expert IT background? No need to worry! Our APIs are easy to use and hard to break! We have first-class integration and world- class plugins. Technology will be your friend and not an enemy!

Cybercrime Prevention

Any data transfer to our system will be secure and confidential. We’ll automatically scan it for viruses and check it against our comprehensive database. We’ll even check on the current known status of a customer in case they have moved.

Tracking System

Need to know exactly where a letter is and if it has been delivered? We’ll track it for you and keep you updated.

Triggered Mail

Customers will appreciate mails that arrive on birthdays or other special days. You can make that possible with our special automation system that will send the mail without intervention as soon as that time arrives.

Expert Help

Our helplines are open on multiple platforms with motivated staff that will be happy to help you with any direct mail problem.