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Diploma in Body Language

4.6( 7 REVIEWS )

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication that encompasses both conscious and unconscious gestures that we make. A person is considered a good communicator when s/he is attentive and skilled in recognising such gestures. This course is designed for those who want to learn more about communication and be an efficient communicator. If you are someone who wants to effectively communicate by learning about body language, this course is for you.

Who is the course for

  • For those who wants to learn about body language and communication on a professional level
  • Anyone interested to learn about communication through body language 

Entry Requirement

  • Available to everyone, irrespective of their academic backgrounds
  • A minimum age of 16 to undertake the course
  • The ability to understand English, numbers and ICT are essential


  • After the completion of the course, learners will be asked to participate in an online multiple-choice test. The test will be automated and instant, allowing participants to know whether they have been successful.
  • There is an opportunity to sit for a mock exam before sitting for the final exam.


  • After passing the test, one can receive an Accredited Certificate of Achievement. However, a Course Completion Certificate is also available after the course completion without taking the exam. A hard copy of the certificate is available for £39 within 3-9 working days and a PDF for £24 within 24 hours.

Why choose us?

  • E-learning materials that are reasonably priced, engaging and of high-quality
  • Tutorials from industry experts
  • An advanced and user-friendly online learning platform
  • Automated exam system for efficient assessment and instant result
  • Internationally recognized accredited qualification
  • Can be accessed from phones, tablets, desktops and laptops from anywhere and anytime
  • Student ID discount card
  • 24/7 support to students via email

Career Path

Apart from attaining a very useful qualification, having a Diploma in Body Language would help pursue different careers, which includes:

  • Specialist in Communications
  • Teacher
  • Body Language Trainer
  • Psychologist
  • Counsellor
  • Psychotherapist

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Body Language
What Is Body Language 00:15:00
How to Read Body Language 00:30:00
How to Read People’s Minds 00:30:00
How To Understand Eyes Contact 00:15:00
The Role of Head and Face in Body Language 00:30:00
The Role of Neck, Chest and Back in Body Language 00:15:00
The Role of Hands and Arms in Body Language 00:30:00
The Role of Legs in Body Language 00:15:00
The Role of the Lips in Body Language 00:15:00
Tips to Improve Body Language 00:15:00
Wrapping Up 00:15:00
Body Language Secrets
Introduction 00:15:00
Aggressive Body Language 00:15:00
Attentive Body Language 00:15:00
Closed Body Language 00:30:00
Deceptive Body Language 00:30:00
Defensive Body Language 00:15:00
Dominant Body Language 00:15:00
Emotional Body Language 00:30:00
Evaluating Body Language 00:15:00
Greeting Body Language 00:30:00
Open Body Language 00:15:00
Relaxed Body Language 00:15:00
Power Body Language 00:15:00
Ready Body Language 00:15:00
Romantic Body Language 00:15:00
Submissive Body Language 00:15:00
Conclusion 00:15:00
Communicating Effectively
Module One – Getting Started 00:30:00
Module Two – Communicating with Body Language 01:00:00
Module Three – Reading Body Language 01:00:00
Module Four – Body Language Mistakes 00:30:00
Module Five – Gender Differences 00:30:00
Module Six – Nonverbal Communication 01:00:00
Module Seven – Facial Expressions 02:00:00
Module Eight – Body Language in Business 01:00:00
Module Nine – Lying and Body Language 01:00:00
Module Ten – Improve Your Body Language 01:00:00
Module Eleven – Matching Your Words to Your Movement 01:00:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:30:00
Effective Communication: Body Language- Activities 00:00:00
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading: Diploma in Body Language 00:00:00
Mock Exam
Final Exam

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