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The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Certified Training course is designed for the people who want to build their professions in the field of advanced security practices. Throughout the course, you will learn about the enterprise security architecture, security technology and resource technology.

The course will also teach you the security design and solutions, application security design including conducting security assessment and host security, managing risk, security policies, security procedures and enterprise security integration. In Managing Risk part, you will be introduced to the risk management system, and know how to identify risks and their causes, the method of analysing risks and how to develop a risk response plan. The course also shows you how to implement authentication and authorisation technologies and advanced identity management. The course will focus on the cryptographic concepts, choosing cryptographic techniques, and choose cryptographic implementations.

Finally, the course will help you to know about security research and analysis, disaster recovery and business continuity, managing risk in projects, legal issues and judgment and decision-making. To sum up, the course will help you to be a Security Practitioner.

Why Should You Choose CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Certified Training

  • Internationally recognized accredited qualification
  • 1-year accessibility to the course
  • Free e-Certificate
  • Instant certificate validation facility
  • Properly curated course with comprehensive syllabus
  • Full-time tutor support on working days (Monday – Friday)
  • Access to the course content on mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere anytime
  • Eligible for **Student ID** card which gives you 1000’s of discounts from biggest companies.

Assessment & Certification

To achieve a formal qualification, you are required to book an official exam separately with the relevant awarding bodies. However, you will be able to order a course completion CPD Certificate by paying an additional fee.

  • Hardcopy Certificate by post – £8
  • Soft copy PDF via email – £4

Career path

This course opens a new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also gives you the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge along with required skills to become successful in no time. You will be able to stand out in the crowd after completing this course. You will also be able to add our qualifications to your Resume and make yourself worthy in the competitive job industry.

Course Curriculum

  • The Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Secure the Design of the Enterprise Infrastructure
  • 00:10:00
  • Enterprise Security Requirements
  • 00:09:00
  • The Enterprise Security Technology
  • Common Network Security Components and Technologies
  • 00:55:00
  • Communications and Collaboration Security
  • 00:40:00
  • Cryptographic Tools and Techniques
  • 00:56:00
  • Advanced Authentication
  • 00:14:00
  • Enterprise Resource Technology
  • Enterprise Storage Security Issues
  • 01:18:00
  • Distributed, Shared, and Virtualized Computing
  • 00:26:00
  • Cloud Computing and Security
  • 00:10:00
  • Security Design and Solutions
  • Network Security Design
  • 02:22:00
  • Conduct a Security Assessment
  • 00:55:00
  • Host Security
  • 01:19:00
  • Managing Risk in Projects
  • Create a Risk Management Plan
  • 01:15:00
  • Identify Risks and Their Causes
  • 00:11:00
  • Analyze Risks
  • 00:19:00
  • Develop a Risk Response Plan
  • 00:07:00
  • Integrating Advanced Authentication and Authorization Techniques
  • Implement Authentication
  • 00:19:00
  • Implement Advanced
  • 00:07:00
  • Implementing Cryptographic Techniques
  • Describe Cryptographic Concepts
  • 00:19:00
  • Choose Cryptographic Techniques
  • 00:21:00
  • Choose Cryptographic Implementation
  • 00:07:00
  • Integrating Hosts, Storage, Networks, and Apps in a Secure Enterprise Architecture
  • Implement Security Standards in the Enterprise
  • 00:13:00
  • Select Technical Deployment Models
  • 00:28:00
  • Secure the Design of the Enterprise Infrastructure
  • 00:10:00
  • Secure Enterprise Application Integration Enablers
  • 00:21:00
  • Security Research and Analysis
  • Perform an Industry Trends and Impact Analysis
  • 00:41:00
  • Perform an Enterprise Security Analysis
  • 00:26:00
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • BCP Fundamentals
  • 00:21:00
  • BCP Implementation
  • 00:10:00
  • DRP Fundamentals
  • 00:18:00
  • Advanced Security Course 10 Topic D DRP Implementation
  • 00:03:00
  • Responding to and Recovering from Incidents
  • Design Systems to Facilitate Incident Response
  • 00:14:00
  • Conduct Incident and Emergency Responses
  • 00:20:00
  • Legal Issues
  • Computer Crime Laws and Regulations
  • 00:16:00
  • Computer Crime Incident Response
  • 00:17:00
  • Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills
  • 00:12:00
  • Determine the Root of a Problem
  • 00:06:00
  • Use Judgment to Make Sound Decisions
  • 00:18:00

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